Baselining on the Group Level Summary Screen

Connecting Steps uses a baseline as a starting point. for each student within each subject.

The baseline is the date when you start to assess a student; it gives you an approximate idea of where a student's level is when they start a subject.

It is important to baseline all students so you can see a completed level for each student.

To baseline a student on the Group Level Summary screen:

  1. Click Group Reports | Level Summary.
  2. Select the required group from the drop-down lists in the selection panel.
  3. Select the required subject and area then click Display
  4. Click in the box where the student is to be baselined. The box turns a dark gray and the Set Level Complete dialog box displays.
  5. Tick the Level complete box.
  6. Select the date if required. (Connecting Steps defaults to the current date).
  7. Click Save.