2015 - Changelog

# Change Log - All notable changes to Connecting Steps V4 Browser will be documented in this file.

## [4.4.39] Boysenberry - 2015-11-25

### Changed / Improved
- Display-Improvement for screens 1280 wide 
- New schools set to display "Steps" instead of "Levels" 
- Improved layout of "Options" screen 
- Limiting characters allowed for UPN-Number 
### Fixed
- Duplicate message appearing when changing over to new curriculum 
- Health information not always being recorded 
- Special characters in Email address causing issues 
- Move Students screen displaying wrong timeline 
- Mapping in import functionality causing issues
- Difference between Goup and individual level summary 

## [4.4.38] Boysenberry - 2015-11-05
### Changed
- Unhinged coloured class list on move students screen
### Fixed
- Printing error on group assessment by strand
- Deactivating drop-down for curriculum on options page for schools on old curriculum
- Logic to applying classes to students
- Logic in adding students to diversity/subject groups
- Logic to profiles tab
- Mapping of fields in import function
- Import function not updating "DoA"
- Logic issues with import functionality
- Logic when importing from same school

## [4.4.37] Boysenberry - 2015-11-04
### Changed
- Improvement on Mapping-Fields logic in Import funciton
- Change of wording on history tab
- Fixed header for students screen & number of students displayed
- Improvements to error handling
- Modifying start date move students screen
- Wording of drop-downs on Student's Screen
### Fixed
- CSV failing if empty lines are at end of file
- Move students screen cutting off last pupils name
- Invalid date range selection causing error-message
- Prevent users from not adding first name and last name
- Line graph not displaying correctly on smaller screens
- Invite User Process allows no First Name/LastName
- Logic regarding "Merging Students"

## [4.4.36] Boysenberry - 2015-09-28
### Changed 
- Remembering group when switching to "Manage Div/Sub Groups"
### Fixed
- Display error with Side Bar on Windows Edge
- System Error message on "Assessments to be mastered" page
- Issues in "Manage Div/Sub Groups" functionality
- Error after changing group types on Individual Assessment page
- Inviting user functionality not sending emails
- Error after editing student details
- Issues with Import functionality (duplicating users/groups)
- Issues with Import functionality (screen freezes after wrongly mapping fields)
- Issues with Import functionality (Preview not picking up all students)

## [4.4.35] Boysenberry - 2015-09-14
### Fixed
- Spelling mistake on merge students screen

## [4.4.34] Boysenberry - 2015-09-04
### Changed
- Change of export Rules for RE 
### Fixed
- Improved logic when allocating classes
- JavaScript error causing issues on Move Students Screen
- use of "&" in password causing issues
- "best fit" not being saved

## [4.4.32] Boysenberry - 2015-09-01
- Option to rename word "Level" to "Band, Grade or Step"
### Changed
- Added information "no change" on import-screen if registration class stays the same for a pupil
- Gender has been made complusory for import function
- Titles added for Reports in GAP
### Fixed
- Import function freezing if wrong password is typed in
- Sorting order resetting after after editing Student details
- Spanish percentages not being carried over correctly to progress screen
- Import function not importing apostrophes
- Errors when creating students with future start date
- Display error when using substitute word for level

## [4.4.31] Boysenberry - 2015-07-31
- Optimised students screen 
### Changed
- Wording of error message in import function 
- System Administrator email can only be changed by B Squared 
- "Not Applicable" made optional in Achievement types list
- Improved display of students in Achievement Export Screen
- Optimised students screen  
### Fixed
- Import-function not accepting apostrophes and Speech marks
- Not mapping "gender" in Import-function imports value 32 
- Adult curriculum, Early years curriculum not showing for pupils working on years
- List of students on Achievement Export screen not showing correct date of birth 

## [] Boysenberry - 2015-06-24
- Logic implemented for licensed assessment files
### Changed
- Changes to logic in relation with "Years/Levels"
- Improvement to display of Chart titles
- Improvement of printing-quality for individual assessment page with selectable text
- Disabled possibility to delete the "default" group
- Export rules for English Speaking & Listening in "Achievement Export"
### Fixed
- Achievement export not accepting apostrophe in students' names
- Gender "M" not showing in export file
- Misalignment of tabular view on move students screen
- Default view not saving dropdown-selection
- Historic groups showing in "Manage Div/Sub Groups" drop down

## [4.4.28] Boysenberry - 2015-06-05
### Changed
- Lengthened E-Mail address to accept up to 64 characters
- Improvement of Import functionality (disabled "update classes" and "mark pupils as left" options)
### Fixed
- Special characters causing issues when used in group names
- Cursync issues in the database
- Logic in JavaScript on "Assessment Files Page" when loading new licence
- Issues caused by apostrophe in Achievement Export

## [] Boysenberry - 2015-05-13
- Addition of CASPA to Assessment Files
### Changed
- Changes to XML structure and header-information in Achievement Export
- Updates to extended-tab for students details and widening of extended pupil info screen
- Changes to logic when selecing Assessment Files
- Removed display-date for "not applicable" achievements 
- Removed option to add achievements for completed levels on "Assessments to be Mastered" screen
- Applied different logic for entry/leaving date when importing/exporting students
### Fixed
- Achievement export outputs values for levels rather than years in curriculum-book "Primary Core"
- New key date not displaying after adding it
- Assessment points Primary Core, Core P Levels and Core NC not displayed as ticked 
- Hyphen "-" causing issues when used in comments
- Additional support for extended characters used in modern languages
- Additional support for special characters used in Group names

## [] Avocado - 2015-05-01
### Changed
- Added achievement export icon to main menu
- Changed re-directs for CASPA to Achievement Export section in Website
### Fixed
- Multiple assessment files for the same subject could be ticked

## [4.4.26] Avocado - 2015-04-27
- Achievement Export now in the browser!
- Achievement Export now carries old P Level areas into CASPA (awaiting confirmation from CASPA that this new file can be handled)!
- Support for all the new National Curriculum subjects!
### Changed
- Adjusted graph printouts to cater for dates along bottom being uneven and misleading
- Started date removed from page if assessment point is added and then removed
- Complete button greyed out before screen is loaded
- Minor layout adjustment to Group Strand screen
- 'Used closed on date' changed to 'Set group end date'
- Forgotten password link on login screen underlined and made more prominent
- Default curriculum now updates all students not marked as having a specific curriculum (years or levels) when the option is changed for a school
- Student name now appears on comment printout
- Export logic now warns user of the uses of the export and informs it is not for CASPA
- Importing now restricted to a single user at a time for a school
- Legend in Move Students can now be used to select students for the current academic years
- Change to import start date logic
- Level status tab sometimes causes whole page to be highlighted blue
### Fixed
- Database updates not applying to blank installation database
- Load licence application not loading licence correctly
- Exported student logic changed to cater for date changes post export
- Import function did not handle file with no assessment data in
- Level progress start date data incorrect as per date specified
- Early Years car chart X axis displayed off the screen
- Export logic issue caused student to appear to disappear
- Time zone issue causing completed levels to not be entered
- IE11 prevents assessment files from being ticked/unticked

## [4.4.24] Avocado - 2015-03-05
### Changed
- Extended pupil information screen layout updated
- Improved support for extended characters in comments
- Format check for email address when new user added
- Sidebar remembers class and subject when using the show button
- Grid lines align on the move students screen
- Students can be organised on line and bar graph by their first and last names
- Div/Sub Groups sorting remains when the Display button is pushed
- Students already in sub/div group not included in the drop down list to add a student
- Removed the option to import for all users if an import is already happening
- Export function message improved to clarify its use NOT for CASPA import
### Fixed
- Students in subject group not loading when subject groups selected for the first time

## [] Avacado - 2015-03-05
### Changed
- Added in change log provision
- Disable View Comment button if no comment present
- Change date format for bar charts to match the rest of the system
- T for Today button changes date to today's date and then loads the page as well
- Achievements appearing on page on a date before they were entered
- Registration Group membership limiting results on grid screens when report displayed for a date before being a member of the currently selected class
- Not Applicable date masked
- Overall assessment box for assessment with sub assessments shows lowest achievement rather than highest
- Changes made to account for self hosted installation
- Extended information mappings for importing from CSV added to the system
### Fixed
- Display issue with Individual Page returning to first page when assessments are entered on a second page
- When registration marked as closed, members of the group now marked as left from the class
- Users returned to login page sporadically
- Entry dates of students set according to birth date if no value supplied from V3 import file
- Additional support for extended characters throughout the system
- Bars on bar chart not duplicated when to and from date are the same
- Students on years curriculum being incorrectly saved on levels
- Curriculum type not carried forward if student deleted then un-deleted
- Editing deleted student marks them back in the school
- Student being entered into multiple classes when un-deleted
- Achievements from V3 import failing to import if entered before students entry date into school
- Student creation animation loop
- X axis date segments on line graph across multiple pages not equal
- Abnormal dates allowed for key dates
- Grid screens in Group Assessment by Level and Strand reduce in height when side bar is unpinned and pinned
- Error adding students to diversity group
- Proper date handling process for assessment entry hangs on invalid date format
- Issue with completed levels not recording when time zone incorrectly set
- System hangs sporadically when deleting an assessment
- Selection filter does not select all correctly
- Level summary screen sometimes not displaying completed levels and revealed on entering additional completed level