2016 - Changelog

# Change Log - All notable changes to Connecting Steps V4 Browser will be documented in this file.

## [4.5.19] Cherimoya - 2016-10-26
### Changed / Improved
- "Last modified by"-information on Historic Student included
- Improved Import logic
- Changes in wording on various screens
- Evisense image management on Options Screen
### Fixed
- Historic pupils can not be re-activated
- Backdated achievements not showing if pupil changed group
- "View comments"-button greyed out when comments exist
- Manually deleted students not showing on Export Screen
- Unable to add more than 20 students to subject / diversity group
- System Administrator gets logged out if user registers while logged in
- Scroll bar not showing when first accessing Level Summary Screen
- Disallow exported students from being re-activated into the system

## [4.5.18] Cherimoya - 2016-10-03
### Changed / Improved
- Show total of users on User Screen (System Administration)
- Improved information message on Achievement Export Screen if no students were exported
- Improved logic to allocate curriculum to student (Option default added)
- CSAM: Improvement to information messages
- CSAM: Printing of Tracking Grids now included
- Improved logic on "User invitation" popup
- Improvement to password check when user registers
### Fixed
- Editing a subject/diversity group changes group-type to registration group
- Deleted students still appearing in drop-downs 
- Inconsistencies in results on Adult curriculum (level summary and level progress)
- Students not showing after teaching-group import
- CSAM: Logic to Adult Curriculum reports (Numeracy, Literacy)

## [4.5.12] Cherimoya - 2016-06-23
### Changed / Improved 
- Disallow multiple logins to enhance security
- Account approval to enhance security
- Multiple student selection in Manage Div / Sub Groups
- Option to deselect all subjects / areas on Level Summary Filter
- Improvement of load-time on student screen and improvement on functionality
- CSAM: Changing first colour used on Charts to blue
- CSAM: Printing Progress over Time reports on CSAM have improved layout
- Wording changes in system
### Fixed
- Issue when updating primary, secondary or additional needs for a student
- Issue with replacing extended information during import
- Duplicated tabs on Edit Pupil Screen
- Student match logic
- Change in Curriculum on Edit Student Screen not recording changes
- Import: additional
- CSAM: CSAM rights set in users not giving full access to reports
- CSAM: reports not keeping chosen view when filtering results
- CSAM: "extended pupil information" checkbox shown on grid view
- CSAM: overall English percentage 

## [4.5.11] Cherimoya - 2016-06-02
### Changed / Improved 
- Wording improvements on CSAM screens
- Show combined PE-score on Level Summary Screens
- Option to reset special needs dropdown on Edit pupil screen
- Science profile selection to be only available to 2014 curriculum schools
- Changes to import / export logic
- CSAM: Improvements to Layout and functionality of Grid-view
- CSAM: EHC mappings added
### Fixed
- Import from V4 self hosted systems failing 
- Timeout when exporting too many students (Restricted to 10 pupils to avoid timeout)
- Possibility to import a V4 Export file twice
- Assessment Files Update causing error
- Science areas showing duplicated on Level Summary Screen
- Menu / Submenu not always showing
- CSAM: Support-tab overlapping information on Grid-view
- CSAM: html-tags displayed in csv file-header when using "Extract Data" functionality
- CSAM: Duplicate student on Cohort Attainment report
- CSAM: Not always reflecting values (PP, FSM, etc) from import-file / manual changes on reports 
- CSAM: Values from Edit pupil screen not correctly reflected on reports

## [4.5.10] Cherimoya - 2016-05-05
- Licence agreement
### Changed / Improved
- Prevent use of apostrophes in email address
- Prevent users from creating group called "default"
- Stripping of white spaces at end of line in CSV-file
- Locking feature when Import is performed
- Preventing users from committing import multiple times
- CSAM: Science taking selected profiles into account when calculating average scores
### Fixed
- CSAM: Discrepancies in Cohort Attainment and Core Subject Reports
- CSAM: Display of pupils in registration group on start date instead of end date
- CSAM: CSAM rights set in users not giving full access to reports
- Level Summary: prevent users adding completed level to greyed out levels
- Wording on export screen
- Logic when performing "Rollback" after importing child into different school
- Preventing users from committing import multiple times
- CSV Import Preview screen showing error for particularly long files

## [4.5.9] Cherimoya - 2016-04-21
### Changed / Improved
- User Screen: Implementation of sorting feature to header-columns 
- CSAM: improve features and grid layout in reports such as displaying extended
### Fixed
- Issues when Import and Rollback are performed
- Staging issues when two users try to perform an import
- Handling of Language codes in import procedure
- CSAM: display of pupils in group
- Browser issues (Firefox) on individual assessment screen
- Redirect loop message after being logged out

## [4.5.8] Cherimoya - 2016-04-01
### NEW
- "Export Rollback" - function
### Changed / Improved
- Added PDA to list of "Primary Need"
- Added graph-values to print-previews for CSAM reports and improved layout
- Allowing selection of multiple levels in CSAM reports
- Adding a "current level" button for CSAM report: "Progress on multiple levels"
- Adjusting CSAM report "Progress over time" to start from current level
- Improved logic to CSAM report for adjusting graphs
- Graph on CSAM not adjusting when selecing filter
- Level Summary (and similar) screens to load client side rather than server side
- Adding a student: System checking for default value of Levels / Years and pre-selects it
### Fixed
- Import: Ranking of Special Needs not taking into account 
- Import: fixed logic for DoA before DoB and logic to importing groups
- Import: Invalidating student if mapping does not exist
- Import: CSV import not falsifying boolean values
- CSAM not displaying imported pupils with Pupil Premium correctly
- CSAM: Old and future groups appearing in CSAM
- Screen not refreshing after using export functionality 
- Fixing calculation for CSAM report: "Progress on multiple levels"
- Move student screen: adjust logic for applying a class and date-range
- Brackets in students name causing error on Group assessment by level
- Error message occuring after timeout