How is my data protected from accidental destruction?

Our system uses a rather unique process if auto auditing all entries within it. This something we have developed inside our own system, which gives us the benefit of being able to see and review all changes and iterations of specific records in the database. It is also the reason we can return a system to a point in time. With this technology, users cannot accidentally delete data to the point that it disappears in its entirety, we can always perform an undo from the backend. Where we are required by customers to make amendments to the database manually, we use the same logic and approach, so we can rollback changes if required.

The only time data is physically deleted is when a customer cancels their contract and the designated retrieval time has lapsed. At this point, we perform a delete from the database which deleted these records. We have backups which will keep the records for around 7 days but after this, the data is no longer in our system.