Group Subject Screen

Group Subject takes a level/year for an overall subject, breaking the subject down into the areas and strands. 

This screen is used more as a report than an assessment screen by many users.

Each Subject area has a percentage which is displayed in bold on the grey line

It is then broken down further into the subject strands which again has a percentage.

It makes it very easy for a user to be able to view where a student is stronger and where they might be struggling.

Like all screens in Connecting Steps it can be displayed on any date allowing users to look at progress on individual strands as a %

The '+' symbol next to the individual strands is used to expand the strand to reveal the individual assessment points within the strand :

Example: A student with cerebral palsy has a good score in English Reading and Spoken Language but their score within Writing may be a lot less. When looked at,vocabulary, Grammar & Punctuation and Spelling could be a higher percentage than Composition and Handwriting. This can then be investigated further and show poor fine motor skills.