Pie Chart

The Pie chart is used to show progress even when a student has not made any visible progress as a number 

To show the finer steps of working towards mastering an assessment point Connecting Steps has lesser  achievement points. 

Lesser achievement points do not add a percentage to a level or year as a Mastered achievement does.

The Pie Chart can be found on the following pages within Connecting Steps under Level Status

  • Individual Assessment
  • Individual Level Summary
  • Group Level summary
  • Assessments To Be Mastered

When on one of the above pages navigate to Level Status which is a tab on the left side of the screen

Example:   Nigel is assessed at the end of the summer term on Mathematics Number P8 

And is showing 10% Mastered with 15% Engagement

 Nigel is assessed again in the October half term 

This time we can see Mastered is 12% but we can see many more Engagements and now some Gaining Skill and Understanding