Ever Changing Cohorts

One of the issues a number of schools have is pupils leaving and joining schools. A year 6 class in an SEN setting may have 15 pupils, of which 10 may have joined in the last few years, replacing 11 who had previously left. When looking at data over the key stage, only 5 pupils were present for the entire key stage. This reduces the amount of analysis the school can perform due to the lack of data.

CSAM overcomes this issue by calculating the average for each key date using the pupils present in the cohort at the time, or to explain it a different way when looking at a class over time, all pupils are included. This allows the average to be tracked over time for ever changing cohorts. When running a report, you can use the Members section to see who is in the group or not, and whether they joined or left during the reporting period.

If you only want to include pupils present for the entire period of the report tick the ‘Only show students in this range’ tick box. This may reduce the number of pupils included in the report.