Running Your first Report

To see what CSAM can do, click on the Cohorts Attainment button. This is a simple report that allows you to pick a cohort and compare this cohort against the rest of the school. Choose your cohort by clicking on the box saying ‘All Students’ which will give you a list of your different group types;

  • Registration
  • Subject
  • Diversity Group (automatic and manually created)
  • Year
  • Key Stage

Selecting one of those options will give you further group-options to choose from. Next choose the subject and date range and then click Display. When the report runs, you will see 3 lines;

Blue             Pupils who are in the group you have specified
Green          Pupils who are not in the group you have specified
Red             Whole School shows all the pupils in the school, this will show how representative the chosen cohort are of the whole school

You can filter these lines by clicking on the graph legend on the left. If you tick Values on Graph, it will show you the level values on the graph.

This is how easy running reports in CSAM is, but running a report is only the first step. You can use the Group Filter, Filter and Report Options to fully utilize the power of CSAM.