Connecting Steps Analysis Module (CSAM) is a replacement to our GAP software. CSAM has evolved not just visually but functionally as well. CSAM has been designed to help you answer the questions you need to ask of your data, quickly and easily. We have grouped reports into 3 areas:

Headline Reports

These reports can be shared with Governors and Ofsted and provide an overview of the whole school, looking at progress and attainment for all student cohorts. The reports can show not only the average progress/attainment achieved but also the percentage of pupils who have made different amounts of progress.

Group Reports

These are similar to the headline reports, but will provide far greater detail. These reports will help schools identify areas of improvement when the headline information is not as expected.

Individual Reports

These are in-depth reports for individual pupils, showing progress within Steps of achievement and progress across multiple Steps. These are ideal for pupils making small amounts of progress, or progress that doesn't fit into the Government’s model.