Level Summary

There are two versions of Level Summary, an individual and group.

The Individual Level Summary shows what a student has achieved in all subjects across all levels.

This is great for when a student is working across multiple levels.

  1. Navigate Individual Reports I Level Summary 
  2. Select the class, the student, the curriculum's then Display

All subject areas appear on the left. The user can use the subject filter to show specific subject areas only.

The Status column shows where the student is working on the given date. This is the percentage of the level/year after the last completed level.

Across the top are the levels or years. One student could be working on a single year but another may be working across multiple levels. This is absolutely fine as we can show the progress made.

As noted this screen is excellent for using when a student is working across multiple levels. This may be because the student has difficulty on a specific level but is working fine on later levels. 

Group Level summary works the same as the individual level summary but instead of all subject areas for a single student this shows the progress of a group of students for a specific subject area.

This is very useful for showing which students are excelling and those who require extra support.

Note: You can filter the report by using the Subject Filter tab on the left edge of the screen.