Bar Chart

The individual bar chart is seen as the parents favourite report for viewing progress as it is the simplest and quickest form of viewing progress.

  1. Navigate Individual Reports I Bar Chart
  2. Select group type, class, student, curriculum and date range or key dates

Each subject area is represented by two bars

  • Red bar represents the starting point - where the student was on the first date
  • Blue bar represents where the student was on the final date.

If the user would like to view only certain subjects and areas these can be selected in the Chart filter (far left)

If there is only a blue bar this indicates no baseline in present

If both bars are the same this indicates either the student has not been assessed or more likely they have made progress using lesser achievements. At this point the user would view the students levels of experience pie chart

Note: You can filter the report by using the Subject Filter tab on the left edge of the screen.